Penthouse Oniru

The designing of this 3bedroom penthouse was a delight because the client was willing to work with the designers every step of the way.

From picking out furniture samples to styling accessories. We opted for a modern classy bachelor Pad look.

Good enough host friends & game nights.

Scope: Full Furnishing & redesign
Year: 2018
Duration: 2 months
Services: Feasibility To Completion
Status: Completed

A Livingroom adorned with Harmonising ascents and comfortable furniture created a well balanced atmosphere for entertaining in this space.
Incorporating the contrasting elements and subtle use of metallic ascents in this masters bedroom we designed was Top tier.
Designing this Living room and kitchen project, Equipped with some of the bells and whistle you will find from the highest end homeware manufactures.
With many informal break-out spaces and a large entrance area; this was a living room space we created to match the minimalist lifestyle of the client.


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